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In August 2019, the venue for our MindsIRL conference, “Ending Racism, Violence and Authoritarianism” unlawfully cancelled our contract just 12 days prior to the event. This cancellation led to tens of thousands in additional overhead costs, thousands of dollars in lost revenue, damage to our reputation and a loss of countless hours to find a new venue that could accommodate our nearly 500 guests.

Events that bring differing minds together for good-faith discussions are needed to help depolarize our culture. Thuggary, intimidation and venue cancellations have only strengthened our commitment to provide more for our audience.

We are seeking legal counsel to push back on this injustice and ensure our events can continue into the future. Our goal is to raise $250,000 from our community to support the cause. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated. Initially the contract was signed by Mythinformed, subsequently we entered into a partnership with and all parties agreed to operate under the original contract.

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The story

In August 2019, the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, New Jersey was supposed to be the location for a one-day conference aimed at “Ending Racism, Violence and Authoritarianism.” Sponsored by Minds, an emerging social networking site and organized by the volunteer-run nonprofit organization Mythinformed, the conference was to feature good-faith, socio-political discussions between people of wide-ranging perspectives. Headlining the event was Daryl Davis, a deradicalization expert who has personally deradicalized more than 200 KKK members by forging a connection through dialogue.  

Despite the positive mission of the conference, a group of protesters calling themselves NoHateNJ (consisting of Copper River Indivisible, Hub City Antifa and South Jersey DSA), along with other “anti-facist activists,” began a campaign of social media dissension with the aim of shutting down the event. The group opposed the conference and encouraged followers to make contact with the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, encouraging them to shut down the event. 

The theatre informed conference organizers that phone calls, emails and social media messages were pouring in, some including threats of violence. At some point, the theatre’s Twitter account was hacked and held hostage until the venue agreed to cancel the event. Under legal contract and with no political ties to the events happening at the venue, the theatre initially assured event organizers of their commitment to their contract. However, just 12 days prior to the event, as intimidation from these anonymous thugs continued, organizers received an email from the theatre notifying them of their intent to renege on the contract. 

This left event organizers with just days to find a new venue. This was a monumental task. 

  • Event organizers were all volunteers from out of state. Several individuals used their remaining PTO days to travel to New Jersey at significant last-minute travel costs to hunt for a new venue. 

  • 400 tickets were already sold to the event - many from across the nation and some from across the globe. Organizers not only needed to find a venue available on a Saturday within a week, but one that could hold 400+ people and was within a 30-minute drive of the original venue. 

  • During this time, ticket sales and promotions had to be cut off - a critical time for sales. Several speakers dropped out of the event at this time (some with nonrefundable travel costs), causing volunteer organizers to rally and find replacements and book additional, costly last-minute travel arrangements. 

  • Despite our commitment to continue to host the event, incorrect reports that the event was cancelled spread online. Some event ticket holders requested refunds due to concerns that the event wouldn't take place at all. 

  • Finally, six days prior to the conference date, a new venue (at three times the cost of the original) was secured in Philadelphia. Transit costs between the new venue, hotels and after party locations were higher and more of a logistical challenge as a result. 

legal & event continuation fund

Overall, significant ticket sales were lost due to the destabilization of the event thanks to this unlawful contact cancellation. Our goal of raising $250,000 is twofold. 

  1. It will be used for litigation regarding the interference with, disruption and cancellation of the conference location in New Jersey. Businesses shouldn’t cave to rogue activism and should HONOR their contract obligations. Minds does not accept this form of cowardly censorship.  

  2. Any remaining monies will be used to hold bigger and better events. These events are needed to help depolarize our culture. We want to send a message to extremists that thuggery and intimidation will only strengthen our resolve, not de-platform or weaken it.

Make a donation to our legal fund
We have received $20k toward our legal fund campaign and have achieved the minimum retainer costs to start the process! We are extremely grateful to those that have donated! We are still short of the overall goal. Please consider helping us send a message to businesses to not bend the knee to lies and slander!

We have received $20k toward our legal fund campaign and have achieved the minimum retainer costs to start the process! We are extremely grateful to those that have donated! We are still short of the overall goal. Please consider helping us send a message to businesses to not bend the knee to lies and slander!

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