Cairo and Luxor, Egypt

Mythicist Milwaukee traveled to Egypt in April 2013. Ancient Egypt's religious practices (2500 BCE) are arguably the main origin of most major modern religions we know today. Figures such as Horus, Osiris, Apophis, Isis, Queen Hatshepsut, etc., all carry stories and themes that you'll find carried through other religious tales in history. 

Managua, Nicaragua

Mythicist Milwaukee traveled to Nicaragua in December 2013 to document the Christian traditions of Christmas. Though Christian traditions are familiar to many of us in the United States, faith flows much deeper in a nation comprised of 90 percent Christians. With large city and street festivals dedicated to sharing the myth of the birth of Baby Jesus, this is a nation dedicated to their faith.

Athens, Greece

Mythicist Milwaukee traveled to Greece in November 2014 to explore what many consider to be the birthplace of classic mythology. What we've grown up reading as tales in Homer's "The Odyssey" and "The Illiad," were once worshiped as truth in Ancient Greece (~800 BCE). We visited historical sites in Athens, Cape Sounion, Hydra Island, Aegina Island, Delphi and more.