Schedule of Events


10:30 AM - Doors open
11:15 AM - Welcome, Dmitry K, conference host & Mythinformed podcast host
11:25-12:30 PM - How has the political climate divided the atheist community?
12:35 PM-1:40 PM - Have women achieved gender equality in the U.S.?
1:45-2:50 PM -  What impact does social justice activism have on the African American community?
2:55-3:55 PM - Are social commentary outlets displacing the influence of mainstream media?
4:00-5:00 PM - What is the impact of intersectionality?
5:00-6:00 PM - Dinner Break (see nearby dining options) The Jason Seed Stringtet will be performing during the dinner break on the Pabst Stage. The band is made up of Chicago and Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra members. 
6:00-7:05 PM - How can we navigate the issues impacting transgender people today? 
7:15-9 PM - Where do social justice, the secular community and identity politics meet? 
9:30 PM-Midnight - After-party event (not included with conference-only ticket)