Mythicist Milwaukee Featured in the Shepherd Express

Mythicist Milwaukee's Buzzed Belief debate series was featured in Milwaukee's Shepherd Express on March 16, 2016. 

This weekend, believers and non-believers alike will get a chance to come together, have a cocktail and feast on the evidence presented.

Nearly sold out as of the article's publishing, the Carrier-Bass debate on "Are there reliable sources for the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ" will take place Saturday, March 19 at Shank Hall at 7 pm.

Read the full article from the Shepard Express in its entirety here.

Learn more about the Buzzed Belief series here.

Mythicist Milwaukee featured in Milwaukee Magazine Opinion Piece

Mythicist Milwaukee featured in Milwaukee Magazine Opinion Piece

The August edition of Milwaukee Magazine included a risky perspective article by now-openly atheist Mario Quadracci titled, "Faith No More: A skeptic rejects what cannot be proved." Mythicist Milwaukee co-founder Sean Fracek was quoted in the article talking about Milwaukee's atheist community and the upcoming Mythinformation Conference II. The magazine took a risk publishing an openly secular article like this, and we are grateful to see it covered in a mainstream publication. Please show your support by commenting on or sharing the original article. We hope to see more like it in the future!