Mythicist Milwaukee Granted 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status

MILWAUKEE, JULY 31, 2017  -- Mythicist Milwaukee is proud to announce it is now officially a public charity with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Contributions donated to Mythicist Milwaukee are fully tax-deductible. This makes Mythicist Milwaukee also eligible to apply for government and foundation grants, which will broaden its access to resources and strengthen its ability to serve the secular community.

"Obtaining 501(c)(3) status is a major milestone for Mythicist Milwaukee," remarked President and Co-founder Sean Fracek. "This opens many doors for us to expand fundraising activities and fully realize our goals as an educational organization providing information about religious parallels, opposing viewpoints and secular values. In doing so, we hope to contribute to a world free from bigotry, oppression and inequality."

Supporting its educational mission, Mythicist Milwaukee has developed a number of ways for individuals to learn and engage, including:

  • Mythinformation Conference - An annual conference featuring secular speakers, YouTube personalities, scholars, philosophers, historians, entertainment and more
  • “Mythinformed” - A weekly, interview-style iTunes podcast featuring a wide variety of guests, including activists, comedians, actors, historians, philosophers, writers and more
  • Buzzed Belief - A regular debate series bringing together scholars from different ends of the belief spectrum
  • “Holy Shit” Web Series - a mini-series of comedic videos 
  • “Batman and Jesus” - a feature-length film from King’s Towers Productions, premiering September 2017
  • Bi-weekly local meetups featuring discussion groups, guest lecturers, mashups with other religious meetup groups, and more

The Mythicist Milwaukee Tax Identification Number (EID) is 47-5453282. The IRS letter granting Mythicist Milwaukee its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is available upon request. Donation inquiries can be sent to


About Mythicist Milwaukee
Mythicist Milwaukee is a secular organization focused on providing information about religion and its influence on the world. The group was founded in 2013 as a local discussion group and has since grown into a leading secular organization in the United States. Mythicist Milwaukee hosts annual conferences, religious debates and weekly local meetups; produces an iTunes Top 100 podcast in the Religion & Spirituality category; is co-producing a feature-length documentary film; provides live broadcast services for other national secular gatherings; and much more. By showcasing commonalities between world religions, Mythicist Milwaukee strives to contribute to a world free from religious oppression and bigotry. For more information, visit