Mythicist Milwaukee featured in Milwaukee Magazine Opinion Piece

llustration by Sebastien Thibault.

"Faith no more: a skeptic rejects what cannot be proved."

In August 2015, Milwaukee Magazine launched a redesigned edition of their monthly publication. Among the changes to graphics were also changes in content, featuring more in-depth, "impactful" content - as requested by their readers

And in the launch edition, one of those "impactful" pieces of content includes a risky perspective article by now-openly atheist Mario Quadracci titled, "Faith No More: A skeptic rejects what cannot be proved.

That is why I’m writing this. To stand up and be counted with those who believe science has eliminated gods from the necessity of creation, complexity, order, morality and truth.
— Mario Quadracci, Faith No More, Milwaukee Magazine

In the article, Quadracci regales his "fall from faith" story and stands up for what he believes in (or, rather, doesn't). He encourages those who have been fearful of coming out as secular and tells readers not to be afraid - that the numbers of secularists in our city are growing and they are not alone.

Among proof that our numbers are growing? Mythicist Milwaukee and our own Mythinformation Conference - which also was mentioned in the article:

Last April, Milwaukee hosted its first atheism convention. The event was put on by Mythicist Milwaukee, a local group of unbelievers that exposes the mythological roots of modern religion. The turnout far exceeded expectations, with more than 100 people of striking diversity packing a local hotel ballroom. ‘It’s an exciting time,’ says Sean Fracek, one of the group’s founders. Although Milwaukee is behind many cities in the development of its secular community, the cause is picking up steam quickly, says Fracek. Mythicist Milwaukee will host a second convention in September and is expecting a far bigger turnout.
— Mario Quadracci, Faith No More, Milwaukee Magazine

The magazine took a risk publishing an openly secular article such as Quadracci's and we here at Mythicist Milwaukee are grateful to see an opinion piece such as this covered in a mainstream publication. We strive to contribute to a world free from religious oppression and bigotry and truly believe that sharing opinions like Mario's are one step in the right direction. Please show your support by commenting on or sharing the original article or e-mailing the editor at We hope to see more like it in the future!

To read the full article, "Faith No More" by Mario Quadracci, visit the Milwaukee Magazine website here. 

For information on the Mythinformation Conference II, coming to Milwaukee on September 27, click here.