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Mythcon V Photos Courtesy of Emily Molli and Andy C. Ngo

Mythcon iv video now available on youtube here.

"Batman and Jesus" film coming to film festivals in 2018. Purchase the early release download here.


Previous conferences

We've held four "Myth Cons" to-date - with the 2017 conference featuring the premiere of "Batman & Jesus" the movie and another Buzzed Belief Debate between Asra Nomani and Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar discussing Islam in Age of Trump.  Previous conference speakers have included:

  • Hip-hop artist Killah Priest of the Wu-Tang Clan

  • Buzzed Belief Debate with Dr. Robert Price and Bart D. Ehrman

  • Freedom from Religion Foundation president Dan Barker

  • Mythicist Author and Historian Dr. Richard Carrier

  • Black Nonbelievers founder/president Mandisa Thomas

  • Atheist Republic CEO Allie Jackson

  • The Friendly Atheist's Hemant Mehta

  • Mythicist Author David Fitzgerald

  • blogger James Kirk Wall

  • Author Arthur George

  • TV host Matt Dillahunty

  • YouTube personalities Armoured Skeptic and Shoe0nHead

  • Podcaster Thomas Smith interviewing YouTube personality Sargon of Akkad

  • Ex-scientologist Ron Miscavige, father of David Miscavige

  • Scientist/activist Melissa Chen

In addition to our speakers, conferences have included:

  • The "Legit or Shit" game show with MM's own Brian Edward

  • Screenings of "Holy Shit" web series and upcoming documentary films (from Kings Tower Productions)

  • VIP pre-party with live band - where we enjoyed Killah Priest freestyling; Mandisa Thomas' vocal prowess and even David Fitzgerald with some mean cowbell

  • Live podcast from "Godless Engineer"

  • Members-only parties - where members:

    • Witnessed Richard Carrier's live reading of the Infancy Gospels

    • Celebrated the Blood Moon eclipse with Wu-Tang's Killah Priest

    • Were audience to a live videoshoot of "Holy Shit" series (starring David Fitzgerald as King David)

    • Played MarioKart with Atheist Republic's Casper Rigsby and Cards Against Humanity with Richard Carrier

    • Discussed the future of atheism with Hemant Mehta

    • And so much more!

  • Exhibitor displays with gear and goods for purchase from secular supporters such as Godless Engineer, Omaha Atheists, Secular Student Alliance, Kenosha Racine Area Freethinkers, Absence of Clothing, Black Freethinkers, Black Freethinkers of Minnesota, Miguel Conner and American Humanist Association.

Watch videos from our conferences:


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