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Greetings all mythicists and mythicist-curious! My name is Megan and I'm glad you're here.

I met Mythicist Milwaukee at their first conference in  April 2015. I had been out of the athiest loop since moving to town a few years ago. I was deconverted by Richard Dawkins whilst living in England. The mythicist position was unfamiliar to me, but learning about it has strengthened my feeling of godlessness. 

Luckily, my university (Mount Mary University) allowed me to intern as a new media (English) student. I write the newsletter and now you will be seeing more of my work.

Here are some shots from today's broadcast at the  the newly-renamed Milwaukee Cooperative.

P.S. I love Asherah.


The Art of Secularism with Shelley Segal

Shelley Segal joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show!

Shelley Segal is an up and coming singer and songwriter based out of Melbourne, Australia.

An artist, an activist and an explicit storyteller. Shelley uses her music not only to express the way she sees the world, but to create the world that she wants to see. In addition to her art Shelley is an outspoken secular advocate and is very involved in the secular community.

Shelley has performed for many large crowds including the Reason Rally in Washington DC. Shelley's newest EP "Strange Feeling" is available on her website at

During this interview we discuss how Shelley has come to atheism as well as how it has influenced her music. She shares with us the many ways she uses art to challenge the social norms an what change she wants to see in the world.        Listen to the Interview Above

A Community for Atheists Worldwide

Allie Jackson PR Director blogger and designer for secular international juggernaut known as the Atheist Republic joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee show.

The following snippet from the Atheist Republic website says a lot about their mission and vision:

We are not afraid to call ourselves what we are. We are atheists and proud of it. We will not apologize for what we do and don’t believe. We will not rename ourselves in order to hide from hatred, and we will not stay isolated out of the fear of being demonized when united. We can’t stay silent while witnessing cruelty and injustice because we are not just atheists — we are atheists who care. Atheist Republic provides valuable news, resources and a medium for atheists to freely express themselves in a variety of ways, including discussion forums, blogs and image macros of thought-provoking, funny or inspirational quotes.

Allie shares with us how she transitioned from a Southern Baptist family into atheism as well as she got into her role in the Atheist Republic. We learn how and why Atheist Republic was banned from Facebook and how their great team and community pulled together to get them reinstated. The Atheist Republic's resilience in the face of adversity is an inspiring tale for anyone that wants to promote positive change in the world. 

Godless Engineer Joins Us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

What is it like to be an atheist in the South? 

John Gleason aka Godless Engineering is an atheist activist that currently lives  in Alabama. He has over 79,000 Facebook likes and over 2,100 YouTube subscribers. He is an advocate of reason over faith and a proponent of the mythicist position. His overall mission for his activism is to build a safe place for Atheists, Agnostics, and Secular Humanists to share their comments and find common ground.

John shares with us his experience as an atheist in the South as well as how he became aware of the mythicist position.

Who are the Omaha Atheists? What is the role of the Omaha Atheists and the Apostacon?

RJ Redden and Josiah Mannion from the Omaha Atheists join us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show


The History of Omaha Atheists:

Omaha Atheists was formed in 2008 to be a positive organization for non-theists, providing a safe place to discuss secular viewpoints and issues, work toward promoting and protecting the separation of church and state, as well as make charitable contributions to society. By 2011, Articles of Incorporation were finalized and Omaha Atheists became a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit corporation. As word spread through the secular community, the group grew and developed strong relationships with other local secular organizations. Along the way there were social gatherings, service projects to benefit the entire community, such as collecting food to donate to local pantries, and many hours of hard work spent on the annual Midwest Freethought Conference.

Omaha Atheists are very active in the community. They hold "Activism in Action" events and have created the "Godless Revolution" podcast. We can't wait to hear about their work in the community and how they have become so successful in their efforts!

Who are the Ex-Muslims of North America?

Muhammad Syed Joins us on the "Mythicist Milwaukee Show"

Muhammad Syed.jpg

Muhammad Syed is the Executive Director of The Ex-Muslims of North America. The Ex- Muslims of North America is an organization dedicated to supporting and helping ex-Muslims build a community and provide a sense of solidarity in North America. 


Many of their members are people who have had to remain ‘in the closet’ about their lack of belief in Islam. This is due to the dehumanizing effects of the apostasy taboo that much of Islamic scriptures, scholars and communities have often imposed upon those who cannot make themselves believe in Islam. To preserve their members’ safety, their group’s purpose is not primarily focused on public advocacy, although they will do their best to support and assist those members who are able to publicly advocate for ex-Muslims.

While The Ex-Muslims of North America denounce the bigotry of those who promote their racist and xenophobic ideas under the guise of criticizing Muslims, they also denounce the cultural and moral relativism of those who propagate the idea that all people of Muslim backgrounds are the same and want to follow Islam, and that Islam is somehow less capable of being scrutinized than other belief systems.

What is Mythicism? Who is DM Murdock?

DM Murdock talks with us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show: 

D.M. Murdock, aka Acharya S is an independent scholar of comparative religion and mythology She was classically educated at some of the finest schools, receiving a degree in Classics, Greek Civilization, from Franklin & Marshall College. DM Murdock is also a member of one of the world's most exclusive institutes for the study of Ancient Greek Civilization, the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece.

Murdock has served as a trench master on archaeological excavations in Corinth, Greece, and Connecticut, USA, as well as a teacher's assistant on the island of Crete. Murdock speaks, reads and/or writes English, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese to name a few.

DM Murdock is the author of several books, including The Christ Conspiracy and Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection  among many others. She is a proponent and leading scholar of the Christ myth theory. Her latest Book “Did Moses Exist?” provides a massive amount of information from antiquity about the world's religious traditions and mythology, including how solar myths, wine cultivation and fertility cults have shaped the Bible and Judaism. This book is revered as the most comprehensive study to date on the subject of Moses.