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Richard Carrier: Discussion w/ Sargon of Akkad at Mythcon, The Dwindling Atheist Community and More

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Dr. Richard Carrier joins us in studio. We will be previewing his upcoming discussion with Sargon at Mythcon. We will also discuss the dwindling interest in the atheist community and the refusal to innovate. 

Sargon of Akkad on Cristina Rad/ Lawrence Krauss, Free Speech, Richard Carrier at Mythcon V & More

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Carl "Sargon of Akkad" Benjamin is a popular independent Vlogger with over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube. A skeptic of ideologies both theological and political, his channel is dedicated to rational arguments backed by evidence. Sometimes a polemicist, at other times soft spoken, Sargon of Akkad has created a considerable amount of content regarding skeptical thought.

Did Jesus Exist? Price/Ehrman Debate- Who Won? Who's Next?

On Friday October 21, 2016, Dr. Robert Price and Dr. Bart Ehrman finally debated on whether or not Jesus existed. The Mythicist Milwaukee team held the debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Turner Hall. After the debate many people in Milwaukee and online were already discussing who won and what the main takeaways were from the debate.

We decided to invite the experts on a podcast to get their opinion on this debate and where the mythicist position is headed. Matt Dillahunty, Dr. Richard Carrier, David Fitzgerald and Kristyn Whitaker Hood join hosts Sean Fracek and Jason Lawson to discuss the debate.

Matt Dillahunty explains why he feels at this point the mythicist position is not ready for the spotlight. But is it getting there? Also, If you are in that camp that feels Dr. Richard Carrier should be the next to debate Dr. Bart Ehrman, you will get a sneak peek of what that would like in this interview. 

The Eric Andre Show Experience

Mythicist Milwaukee (MM) team members have spent the past four days on the road in support of comedy TV show "The Eric André Show." MM helped the show's tour manager line up guests for their live shows in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan - putting atheist activists and mythicists in front of ranch-dressing-loving crowds of up to 1,500 and connecting them with two very well-connected actors. Activist Melissa Pugh and mythicist Dr. Richard Carrier were among the guests the MM team lined up for the show.

Now in its fourth season, The Eric Andre Show is a late night talk show on the Adult Swim network. A parody of low-budget, 1980’s public access talk shows, the series is hosted by comedian Eric André (Man Seeking Woman, 2 Broke Girls) along with comedian Hannibal Buress (30 Rock, Broad City, Neighbors), who serves as André's deadpan sidekick.

MM's president and co-founder, Sean Fracek, has been reaching out to the tour's managers to find collaboration opportunities after he learned that André was an open atheist. Penn Jillette even had a cameo on Season 4 of the show (chanting, "Magic, Magic, Atheism!"). The tour's manager took MM up on the offer - asking for support to find guests for their upcoming shows. “This event marks another major step in the continual transition of secularism into the modern mainstream and popular culture.  The Eric Andre Show is bringing to new and younger audiences a unique and creative way to collaborate with atheists with humor but without ridicule.,” says MM co-founder Fritz Blandon.

Sean Fracek, Hannibal Buress and Fritz Blandon backstage in Milwaukee at The Eric Andre Show Live.

Sean Fracek, Hannibal Buress and Fritz Blandon backstage in Milwaukee at The Eric Andre Show Live.

Melissa Pugh, Eric Andre, Fritz Blandon and Sean Fracek backstage in Minneapolis at The Eric Andre Show Live

Melissa Pugh, Eric Andre, Fritz Blandon and Sean Fracek backstage in Minneapolis at The Eric Andre Show Live

Melissa Pugh, grassroots and outreach coordinator for the United Coalition of Reason, was a guest on the Minneapolis show.  “It was so much fun. Eric made the point to highlight the fact that there are atheist activists out there, which brings this topic to the attention of these younger audiences who are more-often-than-not, non-religious. His antics may be whacky, but just having atheists guests on the show gives this audience proof that they are not alone in their non-belief.”


Dr. Richard Carrier, historian, author, atheist activist and leading scholar on the Christ Myth Theory, appeared on the Milwaukee show. “Andre's show is a parody, and as such, intentionally subverts the corporatized nature of talk shows as mutual promotion festivals. He does everything possible to prevent guests from using the show as a venue for their own promotional goals. And yet, even in that environment, a huge, young audience is nevertheless being exposed to the very idea that atheists exist as scholars and authors, can endure a roasting with aplomb, and aren't ‘above’ being entangled in the stage humor of avant-garde artists. But even more subversively, we're actually acknowledged as existing by the whole production, side by side with the same status as artists and celebrities. Notably, of all the jokes told at my expense on stage, none of them made fun of my being an atheist. I was as humanized as everyone else who ever occupies that same hot-seat.”

Share Your Support for Dr. Richard Carrier

Link to Dr. Carrier's blog "Apology and Going Forward

From Dr. Richard Carrier:

Many people have told me they don't find what's being said about me comports with their experience, and asked how they can tell their story, of how they've seen me behave or how I've behaved with them. I'm astonished by how unlike my actual behavior has been to what's described, too, so I definitely appreciate data on that.

Mythicist Milwaukee has agreed to help with this. If you prefer to remain anonymous, to avoid harassment or being outed, you can send what you want published by Facebook private message to their press manager, Kristyn Whitaker Hood. She will be able to verify you're a real person that way, and will publish your story, without your name attached, through the Mythicist Milwaukee website, sometime later this week.

They will protect your identity. If you want to publish openly, then please, feel free to post your story online, on Facebook or anywhere, and post or tag it to me or my wall. Kristyn will collect all those links and publish them, too.