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Q and A-theism w/ John de Lancie

"John de Lancie on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show"

John de Lancie was raised in Philadelphia. He attended Julliard on a four year scholarship and then joined the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford. At the summer’s end Universal Studios offered John a contract. John acted for two years as a contract player doing 35 television shows, including: Black Beauty, Little Women, The Thornbirds and Captain and Kings. In 1980 John created the character, Eugene Bradford on "Day of Our Lives". John became well known as the the omnipotent "Q" on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. John has appeared 9 times in 8 years. John as "Q" has won the vote for "Best Villain", "Best Recurring" and "Best Loved" character in Star Trek.

John's film roles include: "The Hand That Rock The Cradle", "The Fisher King", "Influence", "The Onion Field", "Taking Care of Business", "Arcade", "Deep Red", "Fearless" and "Multiplicity." John has performed at the Mark Taper Forum, The Seattle Repertory Company and the South Coast Repertory. John has also performed as a concert narrator. He performed with Kurt Masur and the New York Philharmonic, Esa-Pekka Solonen and the LA Philharmonic and the U.S. Army Band. John is an associate director of the L.A. Theatre Works and producing arm of KCRW/National Public Radio. At which he directed plays as "Fallen Angel", "The Waldorf Conference", "Invasion From Mars", and "When Welles Collide."

John has written 2 books "Star Trek I, Q" with Peter David, and "Soldier of Light" with Tom Cool. An audio book is also available for Star Trek I, Q read by John and his wife/actress Marnie Mosiman. "Soldier of Light" is a serious look at man's future. A great adventure!

This is just a quick synopsis of John’s work in the arts. He has been in numerous television shows, movies and musical productions. John will also be speaking at the 2016 Reason Rally.

During this interview John explains why he has been a lifelong skeptic. He talks about how religion is a non-issue for the most part in Hollywood. He took us through his experience with the Kent State shootings and how he had information that almost led up to him meeting Richard Nixon. John is a lover of the arts and science and is an advocate for scientific education. We were honored to have the chance to interview him. Do not miss this interview!