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Opening Minds w/ Jon Atack

Jon Atack is an accomplished author and "recovering Scientologist" in 1974, he joined Scientology at the age of nineteen and spent nine years in the organization eventually reaching OT 5.  He left the church when he became disillusioned with the leadership and influence of David Miscavige.  Seven years later he published a book titled "A Piece of blue sky" In the book, John describes his personal experience in the church, provides a chronological history of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, and examines the book Dianetics.  

John's book is well researched from paper sources and interviews, and it draws conclusions about Scientology as a belief system and critically examines its founder L Ron Hubbard. Jon has put aside his career as an artist to help those harmed by the cult’s hypnotic practices       Over the years, he's seen over 500 former members and helped many to recover the money extracted from them by Scientology’s hard selling techniques.  He's gone on to author several more books aimed understanding the doctrines of Scientology and at helping those affected from it's collateral damage.

Having devoted much of his life to helping former Scientologists recover their mental equilibrium and spiritual independence, he has since turned his attention to the wider problems of unethical persuasion, not only in abusive groups, but in our culture at large. To
this end, he spearheaded the Open Minds Foundation in 2015, and is working to educate the public on the social manipulation we all face in our daily lives.