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Reason Rally Recap Part 3/3 w/ Paul Provenza and Jozef Kyle Richards


In June of 2016, The Mythicist Milwaukee team took a trip out to Washington D.C. to support the Reason Rally, which is the largest atheist gathering in the U.S.

The Reason Rally ’16 brought thousands of people, that identity as atheist and secular, together to join in support of the separation of church and state and normalizing the atheist label. We were honored to play our part in bringing GZAMethod ManRaekwonCappadonnaKillah Priest andDJ Mathematics from the Wu-tang Clan to perform as the headliner while simultaneouslylive broadcasting the event for those that could not make it to Washington D.C.

Attending the Reason Rally is an experience that we will never forget. There were hundreds of volunteers and organizers that came together to put on this incredibly successful event.

The Reason Rally still needs your help. Please donate what you can to the Reason Rally to ensure that this event is held again in the years to come.  

The executive director of the Reason Rally, Lyz Liddell, shared the following info on the impact of this event:

· We held 343 meetings with Members of the U.S House and Senate during Advocacy Days.

· While counts are extremely difficult to pin down, it has been estimated that as many as 15,000-20,000 people came to Saturday’s Reason Rally main event.

· There have been well over 163 media articles, podcasts, and stories published about the Rally and its impact, reaching of hundreds of millions of people. In case you haven’t seen them, there were major pieces in the Wall Street Journal (print and online), CNN, and Huffington Post, and even a nuanced, supportive piece from a conservative news outlet. And of course a slew of local and national broadcast TV and radio coverage. There was really no avoiding us!


We wanted to do something special for the Reason Rally to continue to support this initiative. We put together a three part Reason Rally recap podcast event. Our aim was to bring some of the speakers together so they could share what their experience was during this historic event. 

Uniting Reason with a Hint of Batman and Jesus

During this podcast we had three in studio guests join Rob and Brian on air. We touch on many topics that relate to the secular world per usual. We also get a sneak peek into a very exciting MM and King’s Tower Productions project.

We started off with Jozef Kyle Richards who is the writer and director of “Batman and Jesus”. Jozef is a Milwaukee filmmaker that founded King’s Tower Productions.

King's Tower Productions is an independent film production & distribution company formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that focusses on diverse material reflecting the humor, hubris, and heartbreaks of life. King’s Tower has produced many great films such as “The Amateur Monster Movie” and  “The Wayward Sun”

Jozef discusses what we can look for in “Batman and Jesus” and the upcoming events surrounding the film. Make sure to sign up for the “Batman and Jesus” newsletter or Facebook page to receive important updates on the film.

Jase is the Executive Director for the United Coalition of Reason, based in Washington, DC. Through his work with UnitedCoR, Jase nurtures over 85 local Coalitions of Reason, in addition to supporting over 800 cooperating and affiliated groups within these local coalitions.

Jase took double majors in philosophy and practical theology at Howard Payne University before attending Brite Divinity School (Texas Christian University) for an MDiv. He then studied for an additional Master's in history and religion at The University of Oxford before completing further post-graduate certification from Sheffield Hallam University that allowed him to teach in the UK's state-maintained schools. Among the 9 subjects that Jase teaches, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, and personal/social/health education have been his favorites.

Melissa Pugh is the current president of the Atheist Alliance of America, which is a national atheist organization dedicated to developing and providing educational, advocacy, and community-building programs for atheists and atheist organizations located throughout the nation.