ian harris

The Funny Side of Critical Thinking w/ Ian Harris

Ian Harris joins us for a very funny and insightful loo into critical thought. We are huge fans of Ian and the message behind his comedy. He joins us for a podcast discussion on why he is an atheist and the importance of bringing this aspect into his comedy. His bio is so impressive we wanted to keep it in its entirety below: 

When a comedian is compared to Lenny Bruce, Bill Maher, and George Carlin, it means he has something that others don't: a risky, cerebral style of comedy that slices as it skewers. Requiring an unwavering skepticism in the face of religion, the paranormal, astrology, and the apocalypse, Ian Harris's paint-stripping wit ensures belly laughs while also ruining his chances of being invited to a church potluck. Fortunately for him, he has plenty of other places to be, including headlining comedy clubs, colleges and theatres around the world. A top headliner for over 20 years,

Ian has been named #25 on Entertainment Journal's TOP 100 COMEDIANS list, was a semi-finalist in Comedy Central's “Laugh Riots Competition” and dubbed “Top Character Comedian in Town” by Backstage West.

One of the top Voice Over artists in Hollywood, Ian has provided the voice to clients such as FOX, Disney XD, DirecTV, Bravo, Fuel, Lays and Full Tilt Poker. Ian also narrated the music driven show “Mad Genius” on Fuse TV, Scripps “Top 3 of Everything” and Pepsi/Twitter’s “Live for Now”. His remarkable talent has resulted in Ian being regularly seen and heard in sketches on “JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE”, COMEDY CENTRAL, BONES, Playboy Radio, SiriusXM and on DirecTV’s new MMA drama, “KINGDOM”. Ian's hour special "CRITICAL & THINKING", which AXS TV called "a truly masterful hour of wit and derisive jabbing," can be seen currently on Hulu and iTunes. Ian’s comedy is cutting edge, thought provoking and cleverly crafted; with a unique point of view, Ian delivers a style of stand-up all his own.