NonBelief Grief--Is There an Atheist Afterlife?

Is There an Atheist Afterlife?

Pt. 2 Dream Land

After years of anguish, I had a break through in my grieving process. I realized that my sister may be gone physically, but she alive in my dreams. It feels real, too real. I try to figure out if it’s real in the dream too. This freaks me out in my dream and no one else seems to mind that she's alive again. When I wake up, I remind myself that she's not here.

Regardless, our relationship lives on in my dreams, almost every night. I’ve built up a catalog of memories that were made in my dreams. I swear if she steals one more of my shirts (waves fist in the air).  

This video was made for school and it explains the road to this new relationship.

NEW NonBelief Grief Support Group

Mythicist Milwaukee is starting a NonBelief Grief Support Group held at Milwaukee Cooperative in the Grand Ave. mall. It will be the Tuesday after the first Discussion group of each month, beginning on February 9 at 7 p.m. Go to our page for more information.