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Bart Ehrman Robert Price Debate Preview

We had a chance to speak with all of the speakers that will be present at the Mythinformation Conference III to hear what the are looking forward to at the event.

We spoke with Allie Jackson CEO of Atheist Republic, Dan Barker Co-President of FFRF, Matt Dilahunty of the Atheist Experience Show, Miguel Conner host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio, Thomas Smith host of the Atheistically Speaking Podcast, Kristyn Whitaker Hood social media director of Mythicist Milwaukee, and of course Bart Ehrman and Robert Price.

Listen to the podcast to get a sneak peek on what each speaker will bring to the table at the conference and what they are looking forward to during the debate. Did Jesus exist? We will finally witness the best possible arguments on both sides of this debate live in Milwaukee! If you haven't purchased tickets yest, you can get the in person tickets or live stream tickets here.


From Evangelical Minister to Atheist Author w/ John Loftus

During this podcast interview John Loftus takes us through his career and the current projects that he is working on. He explains in depth how he came to atheism from being ordained as a minister and how that has changed his life.

John Loftus earned a bachelor's degree from Great Lakes Christian College in 1977. He later earned two master's degrees, M.A. and M.DiV., from Lincoln Christian University under the teaching of James D. Strauss and a Masters of Theology degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

He became ordained as a minister in the Church of Christ and taught apologetics for Great Lakes Christian College and Lincoln Christian University, as well as teaching philosophy and ethics for College of Lake County, Kellogg Community College and Trine University.

He is the author of "The Outsider Test for Faith," and the editor of two books, "The Christian Delusion," and "The End of Christianity." John also co-wrote a debate book with Dr. Randal Rauser, "God or Godless."

His self-published book, "Why I became an Atheist: Personal Reflections and Additional Arguments," contains chapters not to be found in his books or Blog. In this honest appraisal of his journey from believer to atheist, John carefully explains the experiences and the reasoning process that led him to reject religious belief. The bulk of the book is his "cumulative case" against Christianity. Here he lays out the philosophical, scientific, and historical reasons that can be raised against Christian belief.

Outside of his books, John also founded and manages a blog entitled “Debunking Christianity”, where he shares original writings as well as developments on the various projects that he has in the works. 

God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction w/ Dan Barker

Dan Barker Joins us on the "Mythicist Milwaukee Show"

Dan Barker is the current co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. He is the co-host of Freethought Radio, a national weekly talk show. He is a contributing editor of Freethought Today and is involved with the Foundation’s state/church lawsuits. He regularly travels the country and the world giving lectures, performing concerts, and participating in debates with theists, many at college and university campuses.

His new book is entitled: “God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction” where he showcases how the Abrahamic God’s primary qualities are clearly: jealous, petty, unforgiving, bloodthirsty, vindictive—and worse!

This witty, well-researched book suggests that we should move past the Bible and clear a path to a kinder and more thoughtful world.

During this podcast interview Dan explains how the idea of his new book originated from a project that he and Professor Richard Dawkins were partnering on. He explains the major court cases that FFRF are currently working on and some of their major wins. We discuss how the Atheist’s in Kenya organization were turned down by the Kenyan government because of concerns that their registration could affect the "peace and good order" in the country. We discuss how Dan met his wife Annie Laurie Gaylor on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" and why FFRF sued Barack Obama.

Dan Barker will be speaking at the Mythinformation Conference III in Milwaukee, Wisconsin about his new book, "God: The most unpleasant character in all fiction" and performing his original songs live.