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A Summer Camp for Reason w/ Amanda K. Metskas

Amanda K. Metskas is the executive director of Camp Quest Inc. She has been involved with Camp Quest since 2003, and served on the board of directors from 2004-2007. Amanda became executive director when Camp Quest, Inc. hired her as its first staff person in January 2008. As executive director, Amanda oversees the growth and development of Camp Quest. Amanda holds an M.A. in political science from The Ohio State University, and a B.A. in international relations and psychology from Brown University.

Amanda joined us for a podcast interview to discuss her work with Camp Quest. Amanda was featured at the Reason Rally ’16 Convention and spoke about the amazing work she is doing with the summer camp for atheists, humanists, secularists etc. What are the goals for a summer camp that revolves around reason? Make sure to listen to this interview to find out!