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Mythicist Milwaukee 2016 in Review

Jake, Lorence, and Sean review the various projects that Mythicist Milwaukee was involved with in 2016. They discuss the Bart Ehrman/ Robert Price Debate, The Mythinformation conference III, The Eric Andre Show experience, Reason Rally 2016 and more!

They also discuss the upcoming 2017 projects including the “Batman and Jesus” movie premier and the Mythinformation Conference IV event. Mythicist Milwaukee is made up of hard working volunteers that are constantly raising funds and working on many projects that include major national events, original media etc.

The Mythicist Milwaukee team has been able to pull off some of the most unthinkable tasks and has been succeeding in creating a secular presence in Milwaukee as well as around the world. This team will continue to bring unique initiatives to the secular world. If you enjoy what we do please help support us on our Patreon.