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Poisoning the Well Join Us to Discuss YouTube Culture and the Atheist Community

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So Fain and PhatPat are entertainers that have a popular YouTube channel entitled Poisoning the Well, where they create videos that cover topics in the atheist community, skeptic YouTube community and other popular online content. 

During this interview we discuss the inspiration behind the Poisoning the Well channel's initial launch and where they have taken it over the years. So Fain gives us the low down on his sun glasses and why he doesn't take them off for pictures. We get into some topics that are trending in the skeptic community currently and the guys share their thoughts on Mythcon V. This is a really fun interview. Don't miss it! 

Part 1: What to Expect at #Kilroy w/ Based Mama and Sister Danger

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Based Mama and Sister Danger join us to discuss the #Kilroy event. We discuss how Vidcon 2017 inspired them to organize Kilroy and what type of conversations and panels we can expect to see on stage as a result. 

The Kilroy Event is an international free-speech advocacy conference.

Kilroy is focused on exploring the social, academic, political and legal intersections of free speech and censorship, with an emphasis on protecting constitutionally enshrined rights.

This event is taking place at Sheraton Grand Phoenix hotel in Phoenix, Arizona on the 21st & 22nd of April 2018. 

3 of the 9 Atheist Airwaves Podcast Hosts

Atheist Airwaves is Corpus Christi’s only radio show for atheists and the secular minded. They are sponsored by Corpus Christi Atheists and the South Texas Coalition of Reason. Christian Ferris, Amanda Stephens and Reb Spence join us to talk about the Atheist Airwaves podcast and the secular community in Corpus Christi, Texas.

We discuss how the podcast originated and how they were kicked out of a community radio station for being pro atheist and LGBTQ. They share their connection to Bill Maher and how they built a fundraiser around his appearance in Corpus Christi. If you are a fan of their podcast don’t miss this interview.

Atheism 101 Podcast Hosts Matt and Tim


The Atheism 101 Podcast contains questionable taste, bad jokes and good research. Your hosts will usually agree but when they don’t be prepared for petty name calling, whining and desperate call backs to poorly remembered to desperately googled research. They are human after all. Feel free to call them on their bullshit, but if you do be prepared for some blow back.

Matt and Tim of the Atheism 101 podcast join us to discuss how and why they created the podcast. Matt and Tim share how much work goes into the research every week. They pride themselves on having accurate information. As a result of being close friends, they are very competitive and constantly challenge each other on various topics. This is well documented in their podcasts. Don't miss this interview! 

Rapping for Science w/ Baba Brinkman

Baba Brinkman is a Canadian rap artist, award-winning playwright, and former tree-planter who has personally planted more than one million trees.

To date Baba has written or co-written six hip-hop plays, which have toured the world and enjoyed successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and off-Broadway in New York. His newest play The Rap Guide to Religion recently concluded a six month run at the Soho Playhouse, where it was nominated for a Drama Desk Award in the category “Unique Theatrical Experience”. Baba has also released ten original rap albums on his independent label Lit Fuse Records, including most recently The Rap Guide to Wilderness and The Rap Guide to Medicine.

We had a chance to interview Baba on his work and his appearance at the 2016 Reason Rally. During the interview Baba talks about how he uses his music to promote science education. He talks about his spiritual upbringing and his transition in atheism. He takes us through the many projects that he is currently involved with. We discuss all of this and more. Don’t miss this interview and make sure to catch Baba Brinkman at the 2016 Reason Rally.