Mythcon, Free Speech and Atheism w/ Stephen Knight aka Godless Spellchecker

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Stephen Knight is a blogger and host of award-winning 'The Godless Spellchecker' Podcast. He is a critic of religion and propenent of freedom of expression. He has featured on the BBC's flagship ethical debate show and frequently reports from UK secular conferences.

Peter Boghossian on Mythcon, Intersectionality, and Sargon of Akkad

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Peter Boghossian joins us to discuss his upcoming panel at Mythcon as well as the difficulty that we are having, booking speakers for the intersectionality panel. We also discuss the difficulties with platforming certain ideas and individuals as a result of slanderous and fraudulent online criticisms. 


Life After Islam and Mormonism With J.A. Miraj

J.A. Miraj is a former Mormon and Ex- Sunni Muslim who is just finishing her first book, " A tale of two faiths" about being raised a Mormon and converting to Islam, living under Shariah law in Islamic countries, becoming an extremist, leaving with her kids and the pains and joys of deprogramming. 

She makes videos about life in and out of Islam and speaks locally at community and religious events and to share her stories, opinions and to educate about and humanize Muslims and other religious fundamentalists. Check out her "Ask and Ex-Muslim" YouTube channel here.

Promoting Skepticism Through Comedy w/ Willie Barcena

Comedian Willie Barcena is not afraid to take on religion as a stand-up comedian. In his 2016 Netflix special “The Truth Hurts” he challenges the existence of God and the accuracy of the Bible.

Willie Barcena is a comedy veteran that never shies away from a challenge. Willie’s talent has garnered him 12 appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” more than any other Latino Comedian in the history of the Tonight Show. Jay even invited Willie to perform for the troops in Afghanistan. Barcena helped provide much-needed laughter to that part of the world. 

Willie has appeared on many TV shows including: “Moesha,” “The Wayans Brothers,” and he was chosen to be the host of the popular Si-Tv production “Latino Laugh Festival – The Show.” He’s also made multiple appearances on tours such as “Que Locos,” “Latino Laugh Festival,” “Montreal’s Just for Laughs,” and “Crown Royal Latin All Stars Comedy Explosion.” Willie had his one hour Comedy Central which was received with rave reviews.

Willie joined us to discuss his career as a comedian and how hard it has been to challenge the stereotype of a Latino comic. Willie is no stranger to adversity. In his comedy he challenges religion, race and politics. Don’t miss this very funny and insightful interview with Willie Barcena! 

Carolina Speaks

Carolina Peña, 17, appeared on “Equador’s Got Talent,” which is more like American Idol than America’s Got Talent. After a performance, one judge asked her if she believed in god.

She told the truth -  No.

“People don’t talk about this,” said Peña of atheism.

She was condemned heavily by that judge, followed by the others.

“My country went crazy. A lot of people supported me in my city. A lot of people supported me, more than I thought,” said Peña.

The judges received death threats. Peña feared for her life.

“I was very afraid just to go out into the streets. It’s very, it’s very dangerous in my country.”

Peña was at the mall eating the weekend the video of her went viral.

“This crazy person started following me and saying bad things about me, telling me I needed to believe in god.”

Months later, the situation has calmed down. Peña is casual about her fifteen minutes of fame.

“People forget about things,” she said.

She sees a change since her fiasco.

“A lot of youth stand up for themselves, like, ‘Yeah, I’m an atheist too.’”

On stage at the Reason Rally 2016, Penn Jillette suggested Pena was a “hero” to the cause. Peña response is more modest.

“They asked me a question and I responded.”








NonBelief Grief--Is There an Atheist Afterlife?

Is There an Atheist Afterlife?

Pt. 2 Dream Land

After years of anguish, I had a break through in my grieving process. I realized that my sister may be gone physically, but she alive in my dreams. It feels real, too real. I try to figure out if it’s real in the dream too. This freaks me out in my dream and no one else seems to mind that she's alive again. When I wake up, I remind myself that she's not here.

Regardless, our relationship lives on in my dreams, almost every night. I’ve built up a catalog of memories that were made in my dreams. I swear if she steals one more of my shirts (waves fist in the air).  

This video was made for school and it explains the road to this new relationship.

NEW NonBelief Grief Support Group

Mythicist Milwaukee is starting a NonBelief Grief Support Group held at Milwaukee Cooperative in the Grand Ave. mall. It will be the Tuesday after the first Discussion group of each month, beginning on February 9 at 7 p.m. Go to our page for more information.