Women in Secularism

A Focus on Women in Atheism w/ Melissa Pugh

Melissa Pugh Joins Us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

Melissa Pugh is the current president of the Atheist Alliance of America, which is a national atheist organization dedicated to developing and providing educational, advocacy, and community-building programs for atheists and atheist organizations located throughout the nation. Melissa and her team have put together many unique initiatives that will help them achieve their mission. One of their current projects is to donate funds to impoverished schools for the sole purpose of purchasing new science equipment.

Melissa Pugh has taken on the large task of shifting the Atheist Alliance of America into new initiatives and goals. She was only elected president as of September, 2015 and has already made some big changes to improve the overall efficiency of the organization. During this interview Melissa explains some of the tough decisions that she has made that were not always favorable, but certainly needed.

Melissa and her Vice President, Mark W. Gura, , have also taken over the development of the Secular Nation Magazine that is produced by Atheist Alliance of America. The Secular Nation Magazine covers the news surrounding secularism all over the world. In 2016, Melissa is scheduled to tour the nation to speak at many secular conferences with a focus on women in the atheist community. In this podcast interview Melissa takes us through how and why she was elected as president and what is next for her and the organization.