Thomas and the Bible

Bart Ehrman Robert Price Debate Preview

We had a chance to speak with all of the speakers that will be present at the Mythinformation Conference III to hear what the are looking forward to at the event.

We spoke with Allie Jackson CEO of Atheist Republic, Dan Barker Co-President of FFRF, Matt Dilahunty of the Atheist Experience Show, Miguel Conner host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio, Thomas Smith host of the Atheistically Speaking Podcast, Kristyn Whitaker Hood social media director of Mythicist Milwaukee, and of course Bart Ehrman and Robert Price.

Listen to the podcast to get a sneak peek on what each speaker will bring to the table at the conference and what they are looking forward to during the debate. Did Jesus exist? We will finally witness the best possible arguments on both sides of this debate live in Milwaukee! If you haven't purchased tickets yest, you can get the in person tickets or live stream tickets here.


Atheist Keywords for Dummies w/ Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

Thomas Smith is the host of the “Atheistically Speaking” podcast where he takes a clear and rational look at atheism and surrounding issues. He facilitates atheist and religious debates, interviews with other atheist personalities, authors, and scholars, and discusses the current news stories that deal with the secular world.

He is also is the host of the “Thomas and the Bible” podcast where he reads the Bible line by line, records it, and adds his very clever and funny satirical commentary. He started on this venture in 2010 and has made it to the Book of Acts. Thomas stated that he should be done reading the Bible by early October of 2016, and may move on to the Qur’an.

At this point, Thomas has recorded over 200 episodes for each title.

Thomas is a very talented podcaster and has a very engaged listenership. He is very committed to making each episode that he records factual and entertaining. If you enjoy smart and funny podcasts you should subscribe to his channels, if you are a podcaster you can learn a lot from Thomas.

Make sure to listen to this very entertaining interview, where we put Thomas to the test in a little segment dedicated to defining keywords that every secular person should know!