Who is the Popular Atheist Youtuber Known as TheraminTrees?

TheraminTrees on the "Mythicist Milwaukee Show"

Link aka TheraminTrees, is a popular YouTube user who makes very high quality videos on a variety of topics including religion and atheism. His videos do a wonderful job of keeping the audience engaged and learning many critical skills and arguments throughout the experience. His videos highlight his eclectic background in publishing, illustration and psychology.

You may have seen his videos, but you may not know a lot about him and why he creates them. We were honored to have Link make his podcast interview debut on our show.

During this interview we discuss how Link transitioned into atheism and what inspired him to start his video series that he never set out to create initially. He shares his take on the terror attack on Paris that took place on Friday November, 15 2015.  Link also shares with us his perception on the negative prejudice that atheists experience in the US and how that is contrasted in the UK.

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We get into great detail on many of the videos that can be found on the TherimanTrees YouTube page including “Losing Faith”, “Instruction Manual for Life”, and “Respecting Beliefs” and many others!

You can help Link continue to make his incredibly researched and well produced videos by supporting his Patreon page here: