Shelley Segal

Where Myths Go To Die w/ Shelley Segal (Live in the Studio!)

Shelley Segal Live in the Studio! 

Shelley Segal is an up and coming singer and songwriter based out of Melbourne, Australia.

An artist, an activist and an explicit storyteller. Shelley uses her music not only to express the way she sees the world, but to create the world that she wants to see. In addition to her art Shelley is an outspoken secular advocate and is very involved in the secular community.

Shelley has performed for many large crowds including the Reason Rally in Washington DC. Shelley's newest EP "Strange Feeling" is available on her website at

<-------- listen to the interview here

During Shelley’s tour of the US this year, (2015) we had the pleasure of meeting with her live while she was in Milwaukee. Shelley honored us with a live podcast interview where she shares the many things she had experienced on her tour. She also performs some of her songs live during the interview! 

On the spot, Shelley also wrote and performed a custom song for us while she was in the studio! We put together a video of this incredibly beautiful song. Give it a listen and you will be hooked.