Peter Boghossian

The Mythicist Milwaukee Team Discusses the Mythcon V Launch

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Brian, Fritz, Sean and Dmitry discuss the launch of the Mythinformation Conference V (Mythcon V). We delve into what we want to get out of the event and what we are excited for. We have lined up 25 guests and multiple panels that will be discussing many important social topics. Make sure to get your tickets before they are gone!

Why do People Believe What They Believe? w/ Ben Fama Jr.

Ben Fama Jr. is an award-winning filmmaker, freethinker, and entrepreneur, noted for his work on his short film A Virus Called Fear, the new documentary Reasons To Believe, host of the podcast Reality Trip with Ben Fama Jr., and owner of Fama Media Productions, LLC.

As a graduate of the Zaki Gordon Institute for Filmmaking and the Sedona Film School (where he won Best Director both years), he has been featured in Huffington Post and his films have been featured on PBS,, and IndieFlix. Ben’s films and talks reflect the social and psychological behavior of humans and their social constructs on society.  His goal is to challenge the way we think and see the world, as well as what we believe.

Ben is an open advocate for mental health, science and education. Ben loves psychology, music, film, art, nature, science, and knowledge.