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Carolina Speaks

Carolina Peña, 17, appeared on “Equador’s Got Talent,” which is more like American Idol than America’s Got Talent. After a performance, one judge asked her if she believed in god.

She told the truth -  No.

“People don’t talk about this,” said Peña of atheism.

She was condemned heavily by that judge, followed by the others.

“My country went crazy. A lot of people supported me in my city. A lot of people supported me, more than I thought,” said Peña.

The judges received death threats. Peña feared for her life.

“I was very afraid just to go out into the streets. It’s very, it’s very dangerous in my country.”

Peña was at the mall eating the weekend the video of her went viral.

“This crazy person started following me and saying bad things about me, telling me I needed to believe in god.”

Months later, the situation has calmed down. Peña is casual about her fifteen minutes of fame.

“People forget about things,” she said.

She sees a change since her fiasco.

“A lot of youth stand up for themselves, like, ‘Yeah, I’m an atheist too.’”

On stage at the Reason Rally 2016, Penn Jillette suggested Pena was a “hero” to the cause. Peña response is more modest.

“They asked me a question and I responded.”








A Comedian's Take on Atheism w/ Paul Provenza

Paul Provenza joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show:

Paul Provenza is a stand-up comedian, actor known for his roles in Empty Nest and Northern Exposure (among many others), filmmaker, creator and host of The Green Room, and co-producer of Set List.

He and photographer Dan Dion compiled the book ¡Satiristas!: Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs & Vulgarians. Paul also directed Kelly Carlin's autobiographical one-woman show “A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up with George”, and since early 2012 has co-produced international spur-of-the-moment sensation Set List: Stand-up without a net.

<------Listen to the interview here

Paul is also an outspoken advocate of secularism. He was one of the speakers at the Reason Rally in 2012 and will most likely do it again in 2016. Paul’s comedic nature brings a very unique and entertaining approach to being openly secular. During the interview Paul discusses everything from being a Catholic altar boy to working with big name comedians and actors. Don’t miss this really funny interview on atheism from a comedians perspective!