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Holy Lincoln Memorial, Batman! For those who missed the Batman & Jesus teaser trailer on the big screen at the Reason Rally 2016 - watch it now!

The Batman & Jesus teaser trailer was filmed in April at Calvary Church in downtown Milwaukee.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the filming to be in the congregation. It's not often you have the opportunity to attend a Batman church.

Check out a behind-the-scenes clip montage from the day.

Director, Jozef K. Richards screened the trailer for the crowd gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial. One of the few presentations on the big screen, some attendees were confused to begin with while others wondered if it was all a joke.

Richards was interviewed about Batman & Jesus on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show podcast. He is also featured with Paul Provenza on the Reason Rally 2016 Roundup podcast.

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Jesus has a Nazareth Problem w/ Rene Salm

Rene Salm on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

Author René Salm's controversial analysis of Christian origins started with his 2008 book "The Myth of Nazareth: The Invented Town of Jesus," an archeological exposé showing that the town of Nazareth did not yet exist in the time of Jesus. His recent book "NazarethGate: Quack Archeology, Holy Hoaxes, and the Invented Town of Jesus" is the fact-based sequel that was released in 2015. René has lived in nine countries from Sri Lanka, to Lebanon, to the United States.

His universal approach to religion emphasizes our common spirituality over differences hardened by dogma and simple names. Besides being an author, he has worked as a composer/musician and also as a mental health technician caring for those severely disturbed. René considers himself among the "New Atheists" and also among the growing number of "Jesus Mythicists," that is, scholars who believe that Jesus of Nazareth did not exist as a human being but was invented by the early Church. 

During this podcast interview, Rene shares his insight into why he feels the location known as Nazareth did not exist when Jesus would have lived. Rene has scrupulously combed through a vast amount of archaeological reports to prove out his hypothesis. He also has a unique stance on Jesus mythicism. He not only feels that Jesus did not exist, he has an alternate explanation of a figure in antiquity that may have been the model that was used in the Gospel narratives. Don’t miss this incredible interview! 

The Jesus Myth Theory w/ Richard Carrier and Raphael Lataster

Richard Carrier and Raphael Lataster on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show


Richard Carrier and Raphael Lataster join us for a discussion that covers the arguments for and against the mythicist position. We touch on many topics that relate to why we believe Jesus is purely a myth and was not an historical figure. If you are interested in the information that surrounds the Jesus myth theory, make sure to listen to this interview!

Richard Carrier has a Ph.D. in the history of philosophy from Columbia University, and is a published philosopher and historian, specializing in contemporary philosophy of naturalism, and in Greco-Roman philosophy, science, and religion, and the origins of Christianity. He blogs regularly, lectures for community groups worldwide, and teaches courses online. He is the author of many books including “Sense and Goodness without God”, “On the Historicity of Jesus: Why we Might Have Reason for Doubt”, and “Proving History: Bayes's Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus”.  His work has been published frequently in academic journals.

Raphael Lataster is a professional PhD researcher at the University of Sydney.  He lectures on topics related to religion at various institutions. Raphael’s Master’s thesis focused on Jesus historicity theories, concluding that historical and Bayesian reasoning justifies a skeptical attitude towards the ‘Historical Jesus’. For his doctoral work, Raphael is analyzing the major philosophical arguments for God’s existence and attempts to demonstrate the logical improbability of theism.

They have recently worked together on an exciting new book entitled “Jesus Did Not Exist: A Debate Among Atheists”.