Gateway to Reason

A Gateway to Reason w/ Thomas True

Thomas True is the event organizer of the Gateway to Reason event that is taking place in St. Louis, MO. This event will be hosting nationally known secular names such as Seth Andrews, David Fitzgerald, Aron Ra and many others.

The conference is being hosted by "Gateway to Reason" meet up group in St. Louis. Their goal is to host an exciting, educational engaging event for the St. Louis region.

The groups philosophy on the event is as follows:

This is more than just realizing the society, world and universe is a bigger, brighter and more amazing place than all the make believe ideas. It's making connections and doing something more than just wishing things would change. It's attending this conference and group meetings and taking part in the community and more. It's growing in your knowledge and confidence that you have the best information about how the universe works. When we stand together at events like this it gives a vice to people like us to the public and encourages others to stand up for who they are. We all have different stories and different views on just about almost everything. That is what makes atheist and non-believers so exciting is that we don't have a dogma to guide us but our own logic and reason. and to use that to see if it stands scrutiny and discussion to make us better people in the end.  When we work together we can all become the Gateway to Reason.