Constantine Christianity

How did the "Pagan" Religions Influence Christianity? w/ Jordan Anthony Burich

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Jordan Anthony Burich Joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

Jordan Anthony Burich holds an Anthropology degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and is beginning his PhD track this fall at the State University of New York-Buffalo. His focus is on archaeology, mainly an archaeology of religion, ritual, and cultural transmission. He is a dedicated skeptic who will--more often than not--opt for the simplest answer. He also enjoys discussions such as the following.

Jordan joins us on air and discusses his research into how ancient cultures and religions have set the foundation for what we view as the modern day religions ie. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Jordan has been onsite on various archeological digs in Cypress and has extensively researched ancient cultures.

During this interview we discuss how the Roman Emperor Constantine utilized the Mithras cult to further the political campaign of Christianity. We touch on how various scientists have challenged the religious claims of how the world works, and why their bravery was so important in progressing society. We touch on the ridiculous claims of the ancient alien theories and how nature inspired many of the myths that we know today. Don’t miss this fun and informative interview!