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The Origin of Christmas in 1 Hour w/ Kenneth Humphreys

Kenneth Humphreys joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

During this interview Kenneth takes us through the true origins of the Christian festival known as Christmas. He explains why the earliest Christians would not have celebrated the birth of Jesus and why December 25th was chosen in the 4th century to celebrate this festival.


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We discuss many of the earlier dying and rising gods that were also celebrated on and around December 25th and clearly predate Jesus. We also touch on how the Christians competed against Saturnalia and what they did to infuse the traditions of this popular Roman festival into the narrative of Jesus in the New Testament. 

Kenneth Humphreys holds a Master's degree from the University of Essex in history and social sciences, a post-graduate pedagogic certificate from the University of Leicester, and a higher national certificate in business studies. He taught for many years in the UK and abroad. Religion, and in particular the claims of Christianity, have been a life-long interest.

His new Book “Jesus Never Existed: An Introduction to the Ultimate Heresy” is a scholarly yet easily digestible and entertaining approach to the Christ myth theory.  He is now fully occupied as a writer, radio broadcaster, and public speaker, and campaigns energetically against the tide of resurgent superstition and unreason. 

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Is Jesus a myth? TruthSurge shares his research on the mythicist position.

"TruthSurge" joins us on the "Mythicist Milwaukee Show" 


The well known YouTuber that goes by the name of "TruthSurge" is a former Christian, living in the Nashville area. You can find his YouTube Channel under the name TruthSurge. 

He is a mythicist and a talented musician who has produced two detailed Jesus myth theory video series. The first one is called "Jesus: Hebrew Human or Mythical Messiah?"--based on Earl Doherty's "The Jesus Puzzle".  The second series is called "Excavating the Empty Tomb", based on the works of Earl Doherty, Richard Carrier and Dennis MacDonald. Excavating the Empty tomb Part 1 has gotten over 78,000 YT views.  

TruthSurge shares with us his research on the Christ myth theory and how it ties in to earlier literary works such as the Homeric epics. He also explains what life is like for a non-believer living in the Bible belt.