Atheist Analysis

Analyzing Atheism w/ Jonny Brotherton

Jonny Brotherton joins us on the "Mythicist Milwaukee Show"

Jonny Brotherton, husband and father of three, is an Award Winning Secular Activist, currently serving the secular community full time as Executive Director for Atheist Analysis, Board Chair of Secular Syndicate, and Founder of the charity "Grillin’ With Atheists". He facilitated the launch of nine secular web shows and two popular blogs. He encourages new activists, inspiring the team behind Secular TV, now airing 24 shows per week.

An outspoken advocate in the secular movement, he was recently included on the “Recommended” list by the Secular Student Alliance. He hosts two live shows weekly, while providing production support to several others. He writes for the Secular Syndicate and Atheist Analysis Blogs and produces countless secular videos, some gaining significant traction in the secular community.

Jonny regularly participates in public debate, hosting secular philanthropy events, social media campaigns, debates, and discussions as well as making public speaking engagements.

Jonny joined us live on air to explain how he got started in the secular world and what drives him to continue on with his many projects that are gaining popularity in the secular movement.

    Listen to the interview here: