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Greetings all mythicists and mythicist-curious! My name is Megan and I'm glad you're here.

I met Mythicist Milwaukee at their first conference in  April 2015. I had been out of the athiest loop since moving to town a few years ago. I was deconverted by Richard Dawkins whilst living in England. The mythicist position was unfamiliar to me, but learning about it has strengthened my feeling of godlessness. 

Luckily, my university (Mount Mary University) allowed me to intern as a new media (English) student. I write the newsletter and now you will be seeing more of my work.

Here are some shots from today's broadcast at the  the newly-renamed Milwaukee Cooperative.

P.S. I love Asherah.


An Atheist READS Online

Steve Shives joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

Steve Shives is an upcoming Youtuber and blogger known within the secular community for analyzing/critiquing apologist literature. His videos have been features on the Richard Dawkins Foundation of Reason. He also does a lot of active work with feminism.

Steve Shives has been making YouTube videos since 2010. His work covers a broad range of topics, including religion, science, politics, and popular culture. He strives to be a critical yet positive voice within the atheist community.

During this interview Steve explains how he got started making films and where he want to take this initiative. This is a very entertaining look into the mind of Steve Shives. If you are a fan of his work support his Patreon page here: 

                           Listen to the interview here:

Can Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

Host of "The Thinking Atheist" Seth Andrews joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

A Christian of 30 years and former religious broadcaster, Seth Andrews ultimately found himself dissatisfied with the explanations and doctrines of scripture and the church. His search for answers let him to reject, completely, Christianity and all other religions.

Seth now hosts one of the largest online atheist communities in the world, The Thinking Atheist which is arguably the most popular atheist podcast/show after The Atheist Experience, with over one million downloads per month of over 150 shows.

In his book, “Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason”, he talks about those first doubts and takes readers on a deeply personal journey of coming out. He has shared much of that journey on his website,, which he created as his response to his own “childhood indoctrination, the overwhelming wave of religious messages in our society, and the countless throngs who make ridiculous claims and dismiss skeptical voices with warnings of eternal torture.”

Does Reason and Logic Overcome Faith?

Carolyn Hyppolite  is a former Chicagoan who now lives in Toronto. She has a degree in English and is working on a Masters of Arts in Old Testament.

The Center of Inquiry in Canada recently hosted a book release for Still Small Voices. Carolyn Hyppolite tried desperately to be a Christian. She tried many churches and denominations. She spent countless hours studying the Bible and corresponding with theologians.

Time and time again she became restless as her inquisitive mind could not reconcile gnawing questions. Eventually cognitive dissonance became too much to bear.

Excerpt from the review of Carolyn’s book "Still Small Voices" written by author James Kirk Wall

Still Small Voices is really fun to read. Carolyn Hyppolite is bright, witty, and full of personality. She knows the Bible and Christian culture very well and explains concepts clearly. Being an intelligent skeptic herself, it was very interesting to understand how she repeatedly fell victim to the seductive delusion of supernaturalism, even to the point of deeply loving Jehovah.

In this interview Carolyn shares with us what she learned from her journey from theism to atheism. She shares with us why she tried so hard to stay in the faith, but logic and rational thought prevented her from doing so.

David Fitzgerald on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

David Fitzgerald is a writer, public speaker and historical researcher who has been actively investigating the Historical Jesus question for over ten years. He has a degree in history and was an associate member of CSER (the former Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion). He is the author of “NAILED: Ten Christian Myths that Show Jesus Never Existed at All” and “The Complete Heretic's Guide to Western Religion Book One: The Mormons” Secretly, he is also an award winning sci fi/fantasy/ and paranormal erotica writer under the pen name Kilt Kilpatrick.

His most recent discussion focused on the Mormon religion (LDS) where he points out how far one’s mind must stretch in order to believe in it. David is an LGBT activist, feminist, and a voice for others to feel stronger about themselves in this harsh world we live. David Fitzgerald has been called "one of the busiest atheist activists in the Bay Area." In addition to serving on the board of San Francisco Atheists and Center For Inquiry-SF, he is also the Director/Co-Founder of both the world's first Atheist Film Festival and Evolutionpalooza!, San Francisco's oldest annual Darwin Day celebration.

Here is a short list of the topics discussed during the show:

· Did Mark, Matthew, Luke and John write the gospels? Were they eyewitnesses to the life of Jesus?
· How is Paul’s Jesus different from the Jesus found in the Gospels?
· Does history confirm the gospels?
· What does archeology say about the gospels?
· Did Christianity start with Jesus and his apostles?
· Was Christianity a “new and different religion” in the first century?
· Was the New Testament written in Greek? Why??
· When do we see the first Christian writings appear?
· What is the Con behind Mormonism? 

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Jason Torpy on "The Mythicist Milwaukee Show"

Are there atheists in foxholes?

Jason Torpy serves as the President of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF), a national non-profit building community for atheists and humanists in the military. MAAF provides a number of services for secular service members, including deployment assistance, coordination with other nontheist organizations, and support for secular students in the military.

Mr. Torpy also holds seats on the board of the Secular Coalition for America, the premier lobbying organization for secular issues, and the American Humanist Association, which fosters Humanist community and ethics.

After joining the military in 1994, Mr. Torpy has addressed issues of separation of church and state and equal opportunity for nontheistic service members in the Army. Mr. Torpy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Management from West Point and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from The Ohio State University. He is a Humanist Celebrant recognized by the Humanist Society.

After earning top graduate honors from two intelligence training programs, Mr. Torpy was offered direct admission to the United States Military Academy. Upon graduation, Mr. Torpy was commissioned as an officer and served for five years in Germany, Kuwait, and Iraq with the Army's 1st Armored Division.

Jason has spoken to large audiences at national conventions, awards banquets, oand press conferences, as well as radio appearances on programs such as BBC World Today, Alan Colmes, RT Television, and NPR.

Some of the topics covered in this interview include:

What is a humanist chaplain? 

What is the tie between Catholicism and military chaplains?

Live action nativity scenes in the military

Mandatory prayer in the military 

George Washington ordering chaplains in the military

The progress of the LGBTQ community and how it relates to humanism in the military 

And Much More!!

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Doug Michael on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

Doug Michael is a researcher of 17 years and has studied many topics in depth, including: ufology, secret societies, hidden agendas, occultism, astrotheology, alternative healing, and what he refers to as social control paradigms. He has been a featured guest on national radio and has self-published many diverse works.

His Facebook Page is titled Awake in the Age of Revealing: and its purpose is to network with like-minded truth seekers and to exchange ideas for discovery and transformation.

He has a very popular YouTube Channel that can be found under Doug Michael. The Mythicist Milwaukee team had the pleasure of being interviewed on his YouTube Channel.

You can interact live during the show by Tweeting us @MythicistMKE or Facebook Message

Topics for the Show:
• Exoteric and esoteric knowledge
• Solar symbolism in Egypt, Christianity and Freemasonry
• Solar and stellar symbolism in modern times
• Council of Niccea
• King James edit of the Bible
• Corruption in the Roman Church
• Religion’s effect upon the collective consciousness (externalization of authority, obedience, etc.)