Arthur George

"The Mythology of Eden" with Arthur George

Arthur George The Mythology of Eden

Arthur George is a cultural historian, mythologist, and prizewinning author who at the end of 2013 retired from a 30-year career as an international lawyer in order to devote his time to studying and writing and speaking about mythology and related subjects. He is a frequent speaker at scholarly conferences and other events on mythological, religious, and related topics.

He is the author (with his wife Elena) of two award-winning books, the latest of which is entitled The Mythology of Eden, published last year. In it he examines the biblical Garden of Eden story from the perspective of mythological studies, which will be the subject of today’s discussion. He has a mythology blog at and a website with his wife Elena at

Arthur joins us on the "Mythicist Milwaukee Show" to discuss his work and why he decided to study mythology religious traditions and practices.