Debunking Ancient Aliens, Atlantis, The Book of Mormon and other Bullshit Archaeological Claims w/ Ken Feder

Professor Kenneth L. Feder on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

Kenneth L. Feder is a professor of archaeology at Central Connecticut State University. Professor Kenneth Feder is the founder and director of the Farmington River Archaeological Project which studies the prehistory of the region in northwest Connecticut.

He gained his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 1973 from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, his Master of Arts in anthropology from the University of Connecticut in 1975 and his Ph.D. in anthropology in 1982.

In 1993, Feder published an account of his archaeological investigation into a 19th-century historical site in Barkhamsted, Connecticut entitled A Village of Outcasts: Historical Archaeology and Documentary Research at the Lighthouse Site, in which he detailed a case study of a group of Native Americans, emancipated African-American slaves, and European settlers who formed a settlement that lasted from 1740 to 1860.

Feder's work can be found in various media sources and even text books for undergraduates. He has been involved in many projects that focus on debunking outrageous archaeological claims such as but not limited to, lost civilizations, ancient aliens, Atlantis etc.

Ken joined us for a fascinating interview on his work in the field of archaeology. He explains why he has been fascinated in this field of study since he has been a child. He takes us through many of the projects and dig sites that he has worked on, that have debunked many false claims such ancient aliens, giants, forged relics, and ancient Israelites existing in America prior to the Native American tribes. Do not miss this fantastic interview with Kenneth L. Feder.