African Americans for Humanism w/ Norm Allen Jr.

Norm R. Allen Jr. was the first and only full-time African American secular humanist activist traveling the world promoting secular humanism and skepticism. Norm Allen is also the president of NP Solutions, a writing business headquartered in Buffalo, NY. In Africa, he helped establish and/or strengthen 72 humanist groups in 30 African nations.

He founded African Americans for Humanism (AAH) in 1989 and led the organization until 2010. While he was with the Center for Inquiry – the organization under which the Council for Secular Humanism, AAH and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry were based – he was an editor with Free Inquiry magazine. He also edited the AAH Examiner, the quarterly journal of African Americans for Humanism.

Allen is the editor of two groundbreaking books, African –American Humanism: An Anthology and The Black Humanist Experience: An Alternative to Religion. He has written numerous articles for magazines, newsletters, books, and encyclopedias. He has been featured in media such as C-Span, BBC Radio, National Public Radio and the O-Reilly Factor.

Allen joined the Institute for Science and Human Values, led by the late humanist pioneer Paul Kurtz, in 2010. He headed their international outreach efforts and edited their journal, The Human Prospect, until 2013.