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Link to Dr. Carrier's blog "Apology and Going Forward

From Dr. Richard Carrier:

Many people have told me they don't find what's being said about me comports with their experience, and asked how they can tell their story, of how they've seen me behave or how I've behaved with them. I'm astonished by how unlike my actual behavior has been to what's described, too, so I definitely appreciate data on that.

Mythicist Milwaukee has agreed to help with this. If you prefer to remain anonymous, to avoid harassment or being outed, you can send what you want published by Facebook private message to their press manager, Kristyn Whitaker Hood. She will be able to verify you're a real person that way, and will publish your story, without your name attached, through the Mythicist Milwaukee website, sometime later this week.

They will protect your identity. If you want to publish openly, then please, feel free to post your story online, on Facebook or anywhere, and post or tag it to me or my wall. Kristyn will collect all those links and publish them, too.