Hosts of The Scathing Atheist Take Podcasting to a New Level

Noah and Heath from “The Scathing Atheist Podcast” join us on the “Mythicist Milwaukee Show”

During this interview we discuss many atheistic topics such as Ken Ham’s Ark, the Reason Rally, and much more. We find out how The Scathing Atheist team met and why they started the podcast. We also touch on the topic of the mythicist position and discuss whether or not it is a benefit to the overall atheist movement.

The Scathing Atheist podcast is a very witty and well produced podcast that keeps you up to date on anything in the atheist world that is worth knowing. This show is jam packed with very funny and original segments and sketches. The Scathing Atheist team is a very creative and intelligent group of individuals that keep you entertained all the way through each podcast.

The team also hosts the God Awful Movies podcast, where they watch and review various religious movies. This podcast also demonstrates the team’s incredibly talented comedic skills. Imagine a movie critic show with no filter that doesn’t hold back from ripping apart bad movies, with an atheistic bent.