Who Was Jesus? w/ Lena Einhorn

Lena Einhorn, MD, PhD, is an acclaimed filmmaker, author, and ex–medical researcher. As an award-winning filmmaker, she has written and produced medical documentaries that have appeared on outlets such as PBS. 

She has also written and directed various award-winning dramas and documentaries, including the series From the Shadows of the Past, which explores three historical puzzles, biblical and non-biblical.

Her first book on the historical Jesus, “The Jesus Mystery”, was published in Sweden in 2006 and in the US 2007. Elements of the Time Shift hypothesis were first described in this book, and later developed and presented at various Society of Biblical Literature meetings.

Her current book, “A Shift in Time” (2016), marks the first complete presentation of the full details of the hypothesis and a discussion of its conclusions and inevitable implications.

During this interview Lena Einhorn expands on, and analyzes in detail, the Time Shift Hypothesis. She discusses historical sources written at the same time as the New Testament, that point to a number of similarities, but chronologically shifted, parallels to the story of Jesus and his disciples.