"Mythos Christos" w/ Edwin Herbert

Edwin Herbert has studied the Christ-myth theory for nearly twenty years, has been a regular op-ed newspaper columnist on topics concerning science, skepticism and religion, and is president of his local freethought society. 

Edwin has just written his debut novel entitled ”Mythos Christos” which is an historical fiction piece surrounding the end of the fourth century CE. By focusing on the religious tension in this time period, “Mythos Christos” also lays out the “mythicist” argument that states the supernatural Abrahamic figures and events are based on mythology and should not be accepted as history.

During the podcast interview, Edwin shared with us how he was first introduced to the mythicist position and why he decided to write a book about it. He has been studying the topic for over 20 years and is well versed on the many topics associated with mythicism. Make sure to check out this very informative discussion with Edwin Herbert.