"Atheist Nerd Girl" Alyssa Joins Us on Air

Alyssa Joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

For the past couple years Alyssa has been writing her thoughts and opinions on things related to atheism and occasionally other interests at her blog https://atheistnerdgirl.wordpress.com/  and tweeting under the handle @pooroldkilgore. She has a Bachelors degree in sociology and also has a strong interest in history, philosophy, the arts, and politics. She sites some of her biggest influences as Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Douglas Adams, Matt Groening, and Woody Allen. Her main driving passion is being a positive voice in the atheist movement.

Alyssa explains where she got the Twitter handle Pooroldkilgore. She discusses how and why she became an atheist and why she has to learn about religion early on in her childhood. She tells us about her interest in sci-fi and various cartoons. We discuss various topics on body image and where how feminism and women being depicted in media such as video games and movies intersect. We talk about all of this and much more. Alyssa elaborates on many very important topics that revolve around the secular world. Don't miss this interview!