Major Entertainer Mike H on the Eric Andre Show Experience

major entertainer.jpg

Mike Hickey aka Major Entertainer Mike H is a seasoned entertainer and professional opening act. We had the honor of meeting Mike on the Eric Andre Show tour. He was the opening act each night and definitely had appropriate material representing that position.

During this interview, Mike discusses his experience on the Eric Andre Show live tour. Mike also discusses the work that he has done on the Tom Green Show. He has been working with Tom Green for many years and even fills in as co-host periodically.

Mike is also working on various other projects including the full length documentary “Where in the hell is the Lavender House? The Story of Longmont Potion Castle” that will focus on the popular anonymous prank caller Longmont Potion Castle.

Mike explains how his friendship with Gregg Turkington aka Neil Hamburger started and the various projects that they have worked together on over the years.

You can catch Mike at the upcoming Festival Supreme event that will feature acts such as Jack Black, Eric Andre, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Flight of the Concords, Sarah Silverman, and many more. This event will take place on Saturday October, 29th 2016. You can find tickets here. 

Mike is a hilarious comedian and a super nice guy. We were honored to have him on the show! Don't miss this interview!