Holy Sh*t: Top 10 Commandments In the Bible

The most popular way people stumble upon MM is by Googling the term "Ridiculous Bible Verses" and landing on one of our blog posts that lists some pretty crazy verses. It's a simple favorite. And we want to feed your appetite. 

So we teamed up with King's Tower Productions to create the first of a new video series, entitled "Holy Shit." This first episode takes a hilarious look at some of our "favorite" commandments from the Bible - and pokes a little fun at the sheer ridiculousness and extremism in them.

Of course, we remember that these commandments were written to be the mythological origins of the Jewish people - containing laws to live by that may have made sense at the time, but are obviously very dated and outright bizarre by today's standards. 

Take a watch. We promise you'll be entertained. 

Father Jozef counts down his favorite ridiculous commandments God gives to Moses in the Bible with colorful commentary and illustrations. 

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