A Skeptical Look at the Scientific Miracles Found in the Quran w/ Amaan Laheri

Amaan Laheri was a fellow presenter at the 2015 Skepticamp conference in Chicago, Illinois. Amaan currently lives in Chicago and presents a skeptical look at how Muslims perceive the Quran as a miracle with the presumed “scientific information” described in the Quran. It is accepted by Muslims that this scientific information was "revealed" to the prophet Muhammad centuries before the scientific method was put into practice.

Amaan is well versed in the teachings and traditions of Islam. In this interview he discusses how the "scientific miracles" in the Quran are presented in a very arbitrary fashion  Amaan explains how and why Islamic leaders utilize this information to tie in scientific theories such as the big bang and credit it to Allah. We also discuss various mythological motifs that are found in Islam and some of the Arabian origins of the various supernatural characters is Islam.

Amaan also shares his first hand experience on what he has gone through as an Ex- Muslim. He explains how apostates of Islam in some cases lose their social network and where Ex-Muslims can find an alternative community in North America. 

                        Listen to the Interview here: