Dr. Richard Carrier Deconstructs Christianity in One Hour

Dr. Richard Carrier deconstructs the mythological origins of Christianity as well as how it has adapted through the centuries in this one hour interview. He addresses the evolution of early Christianity through the lens of myth and the politics of the second and third century of the Roman empire.  

Dr. Richard Carrier is an atheist activist, author, public speaker, and blogger. He is a trained historian and one of the leading current proponents of the Christ myth theory. Carrier received a PhD in ancient history from Columbia University in 2008: his thesis was entitled 'Attitudes towards the natural philosopher in the Early Roman Empire'. He has published several articles and chapters in books on the subject of history and philosophy 

He is the author of the books “Proving History” and “On the Historicity of Jesus”. These books explain and utilize a historical methodology that employs Bayes's Theorem for the purpose of historical inquiry; specifically within the context of Jesus studies. He is also an advocate of atheism and metaphysical naturalism, which he has defended in his book “Sense and Goodness Without God.” 

In 2014 Dr. Carrier published his latest book entitled: “On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt” , which is "the first comprehensive pro-Jesus myth book ever published by a respected academic press and under formal peer review"

He will be traveling to Milwaukee on April 25th as the keynote speaker of the  Mythinformation Conference brought to you by Mythicist Milwaukee. Make sure to purchase your tickets today!