A Community for Atheists Worldwide

Allie Jackson PR Director blogger and designer for secular international juggernaut known as the Atheist Republic joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee show.

The following snippet from the Atheist Republic website says a lot about their mission and vision:

We are not afraid to call ourselves what we are. We are atheists and proud of it. We will not apologize for what we do and don’t believe. We will not rename ourselves in order to hide from hatred, and we will not stay isolated out of the fear of being demonized when united. We can’t stay silent while witnessing cruelty and injustice because we are not just atheists — we are atheists who care. Atheist Republic provides valuable news, resources and a medium for atheists to freely express themselves in a variety of ways, including discussion forums, blogs and image macros of thought-provoking, funny or inspirational quotes.

Allie shares with us how she transitioned from a Southern Baptist family into atheism as well as she got into her role in the Atheist Republic. We learn how and why Atheist Republic was banned from Facebook and how their great team and community pulled together to get them reinstated. The Atheist Republic's resilience in the face of adversity is an inspiring tale for anyone that wants to promote positive change in the world.