Got Doubt?

Were your parents religious? 

Did they raise you to believe in God? 

Were you taught that faith was a virtue?

Belief in God can be easy for the very young, most of us bought into the myth of Santa Claus, or the Easter bunny, or the tooth fairy.

I recall debating the existence of these entities with my childhood friends.  At one point, we all agreed the notion that all of them (except for Santa) were just make-believe.  Apparently our desire for free toys each year seemed sufficient for such a stay of execution.

Eventually, belief in Santa had to be forsaken to join the adolescent crowd.  By the time I reached 4th grade, belief in Santa would have been socially taboo for kids striving to look older and more mature.

Those that are parents are certainly familiar with inquisitive kids asking, Why? Why? Why?

Did you ever doubt the existence of God as child?

Did you ever wonder why Jesus had to die for our sins, instead of just forgiving us?

Did you ever feel like the bible stories of the plagues, and the death of the 1st born were just too mean, for an all-loving God?

Did you ever question God’s decision making to annihilate all of humanity in a worldwide flood, as being maybe just a little bit harsh?


Did you ever doubt any aspect of religion when you were young?

Did any particular story seem far-fetched or unfair?