Can women save the world? Why have the Abrahamic faiths oppressed the divine feminine?

Author and philosopher Alex Buzzard joins us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

Alex Buzzard  is a business consultant and author that operates out of the UK. He has written two books the first of which is entitled “A Certain Lack of Faith” which was a non-fiction examination of why humans make so many powerful irrational attachments, particularly to religion and greed.

 His new novel entitled "Consciência” which is a celebration of women or more importantly the nature of women. In this book Alex explains how our world is driven by rampant needy male egos. This has created a situation where 85 people hold as much wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population and religious fanatics slaughter each other in their thousands in the name of a mythical pathological God. He believes that the world is out of balance and that women are the only hope for the salvation of our beautiful Earth. 

Alex explains the importance of challenging the Abrahamic god as well as the religious teachings and texts. He explains how and why the misogynistic ideologies that stem from these religions oppress women and is detrimental to humanity and all forms of life on Earth.