Atheist Republic's Jason "Casper" Rigsby in a Nutshell

Casper Rigsby Program Manager of The Atheist Republic on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show!

Jason "Casper" Rigsby is a 35 year old husband and father. He is the author of the bestselling title "The Bible in a Nutshell", and has published six other titles as well. . 

He is a prominent blogger at Atheist Republic, and a very vocal advocate for out of the closet atheism. His works seek to address fundamentalism at its roots through theological and philosophical discourse, which is also highly irreverent and often even blasphemous. 

He is straight-forward and blunt in his approach in advocating for secularism, which can be abrasive to some and refreshing to others. 

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During the interview, Jason shares information about the current projects that he and Atheist Republic are working on. We also discuss the middle school student in Katy, Texas, that claimed her teacher insisted she deny the existence of God. Instead of looking at the media hype that this story caused we got to the root of the claim.