Writing for Little Thinkers w/ Courtney Lynn

Courtney Lynn on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

Listen to the interview here:

Courtney Lynn is a children's book author who mainly focuses on science and secular issues. She received her bachelor's of science degree in business marketing and has a minor in psychology. 

Her own path to atheism and raising her son, made her realize that there are probably other children and parents out there going through the same struggles. As a parent to a freethinker, she realizes the importance of letting kids learn in their own way, all the while letting them know it is okay to be who they are. 

She has written many books including: 
"I'm An Atheist And That's Ok", 
"It Is Ok To Be A Godless Me", 
"I'm A Little Thinker",
"Please Don't Bully Me", 
"Through Space and Time", 
and "Sketti Tales".

You can purchase Courtney's books here: Her mission is not to give children the answers, but to provide them with the stepping stone to learn to ask questions and find answers.