Who are the Omaha Atheists? What is the role of the Omaha Atheists and the Apostacon?

RJ Redden and Josiah Mannion from the Omaha Atheists join us on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show


The History of Omaha Atheists:

Omaha Atheists was formed in 2008 to be a positive organization for non-theists, providing a safe place to discuss secular viewpoints and issues, work toward promoting and protecting the separation of church and state, as well as make charitable contributions to society. By 2011, Articles of Incorporation were finalized and Omaha Atheists became a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit corporation. As word spread through the secular community, the group grew and developed strong relationships with other local secular organizations. Along the way there were social gatherings, service projects to benefit the entire community, such as collecting food to donate to local pantries, and many hours of hard work spent on the annual Midwest Freethought Conference.

Omaha Atheists are very active in the community. They hold "Activism in Action" events and have created the "Godless Revolution" podcast. We can't wait to hear about their work in the community and how they have become so successful in their efforts!