Does Reason and Logic Overcome Faith?

Carolyn Hyppolite  is a former Chicagoan who now lives in Toronto. She has a degree in English and is working on a Masters of Arts in Old Testament.

The Center of Inquiry in Canada recently hosted a book release for Still Small Voices. Carolyn Hyppolite tried desperately to be a Christian. She tried many churches and denominations. She spent countless hours studying the Bible and corresponding with theologians.

Time and time again she became restless as her inquisitive mind could not reconcile gnawing questions. Eventually cognitive dissonance became too much to bear.

Excerpt from the review of Carolyn’s book "Still Small Voices" written by author James Kirk Wall

Still Small Voices is really fun to read. Carolyn Hyppolite is bright, witty, and full of personality. She knows the Bible and Christian culture very well and explains concepts clearly. Being an intelligent skeptic herself, it was very interesting to understand how she repeatedly fell victim to the seductive delusion of supernaturalism, even to the point of deeply loving Jehovah.

In this interview Carolyn shares with us what she learned from her journey from theism to atheism. She shares with us why she tried so hard to stay in the faith, but logic and rational thought prevented her from doing so.